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Short Film Program: Out of Hand – Event #8 of the series "Choreographing the Public"

Film screenings January 17, 2020 07:00 pm
  • 7 pm: Screening (ca. 60 min.) followed by a Q&A with the film director Claudius Gentinetta and the film scholar Laura Walde
  • Free admission
  • Curated by Beatrice Fontana
  • The detailed program will follow.

The curatorial project Choreographing the Public is a multi-formatted program featuring exhibitions, performances, interventions, and screenings taking place from October 2019 to June 2020 in different venues in Zurich. Over a period of one year, a collective of twelve curators, from various backgrounds and practices, has been researching current perspectives on the theme of participation. As part of this program, the short film program Out of Hand, curated by Beatrice Fontana, offers a first-hand glance at the role of participation in society in everyday life. It casts a light-hearted, somehow ironic look to certain situations in which an expected participation leads to unexpected turns. The short films presented, explore borderline, grey zones, in which participation fluctuates between controlled self-fulfillment, and a grotesquely distorted research for social acceptance. They display stories of people and their life plan, developed to react to social pressure. Whether staged in a swimming pool, on the deck of a cruise ship or on a European border control, they will glance at exactly those specific human spaces where participation gets out of hand.


  • Bab Sebta (Ceuta’s Gate), Randa Maroufi (F/MAR 2019 / 19', OV/e)
  • In Ur Eye, Ayo Akingbade (UK, 2015, 1'30", English)
  • Freedom & Independence, Bjørn Melhus (DEU 2014, 15’, E)
  • Selfies, Claudius Gentinetta (CH, 2018 / 3'44")
  • The Swimming Club, Cecilia Golding, Nick Finegan (UK 2016, 10’, E)
  • All Inclusive, Corina Schwingruber Ilić (CH 2018 / 10’)

The curatorial project was developed with the support of curator Sergio Edelsztein and the OnCurating Project Space, headed by Dorothee Richter and Ronald Kolb.

Beatrice Fontana is architect and curator. Active, over a period of twenty years, in various areas of architecture, she is fascinated by public spaces, temporary uses and the social significance of cultural heritage. As a curator, she researches the relationships between cultural production and political theory, political philosophy and social change in everyday life.

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