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Ian Cheng: Forking At Perfection

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The work of the American artist Ian Cheng (b. 1984) explores the nature of mutation and the capacity of humans to relate to change. Drawing on principles of video game design, improvisation, and Darwinian brutality, Cheng has developed so-called “live simulations,” living virtual ecosystems that begin with basic programmed properties, but are left to self-evolve without authorial control or end. In his first solo exhibition in Switzerland, Cheng presented two versions of the simulation Emissary Forks At Perfection.

Edited by
Heike Munder
Raphael Gygax

Franziska Bigger
Ian Cheng
Raphael Gygax

ISBN: 978-3-03764-471-3
June 2016
Hardcover, 173 x 235 mm
140 pages
Images 64 color

Published by JRP|Ringier
Design: Studio Marie Lusa