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Evan Ifekoya ~ Resonant Frequencies

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Evan Ifekoya is an artist and energy worker who, through sound, text, video, and performance, confronts existing systems and institutions of power in order to recenter and prioritize the experiences and voices of those previously marginalized. Their practice considers art as a site where resources can be both redistributed and renegotiated, whilst challenging the implicit rules and hierarchies of public and social spaces.

In an exhibition at Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in 2022, Ifekoya explores a cosmology of healing through sound, stillness, and the creation of intentional space—a site for reflection and contemplation as part of a large installation inside the museum. Through investigations with sonic and visual artists as well as instrument-makers, the show focuses on self-care and healing. It also showcases Ifekoya’s ongoing investigation into the somatic experience of listening, the healing potential of sound, and the spiritual dimension of sexuality.

This book, published in conjunction with the exhibition, features contributions from artists, curators and writers, and by Ifekoya themselves. In an interview with the critic and researcher Kojo Abudu, the artist reflects on their journey to producing sound-led work, and their recent exploration of drumming and object making.

  • Edited by Michael Birchall. Contributions by Kojo Abudu, Michael Birchall, Evan Ifekoya, and Grace Ndiritu
  • Englisch, 1st edition, 2022, Hardback, 144 pages, 55 color illustrations, 17 x 23 cm
  • Design: Studio Marie Lusa
  • Published by Scheidegger & Spiess
  • ISBN 978-3-03942-092-6
  • Date of Publication: April 2022