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Resistance Performed. An Anthology on Aesthetic Strategies in Latin America

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Resistance Performed. An Anthology on Aesthetic Srategies in Latin America presents stratagems artists devised to articulate dissent. The focus is on historic positions from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay since the late 1960s that bear witness to how oppositionists worked—and often risked their lives—to offer resistance to Latin America’s repressive political systems. The anthology highlights strategies of linguistic self-empowerment in the formats of performance art, interventions, and actions as practices of resistance. These pieces are presented in dialogue with works by contemporary artists from Central and South America who address the repercussions and lingering effects of dictatorial regimes.

Edited by
Heike Munder
Raphael Gygax

Rodrigo Alonso
Miguel A. López
Heike Munder
Nelly Richard
Cristiana Tejo

ISBN: 978-3-03764-446-1
November 2015
Softcover, 208 x 275 mm
220 pages
Images 205 b/w
Design: Studio Marie Lusa
Published by JRP|Ringier