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Lily van der Stokker

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Lily van der Stokker (b. Den Bosch, Netherlands, 1954) rose to renown in the early 1990s with playful wall paintings in bright colors. Floral motifs and ornamental clouds are dominant motifs in works whose aesthetic and fluorescent palette bring pop art to mind. Integrated text fragments or affirmative messages such as “Friendly Good,” “Wonderful,” or “Hoi” often directly address the viewer. Technically simple yet meticulously executed in a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, the murals are based on small-format drawings the artist prepares with scrupulous precision. Recurrent concerns in her art revolve around the stereotype of “femininity,” ostensible banalities, but also the economics of art and everyday life or the artist’s existence. In this sense, her work also reads as a challenge to a conventional bourgeois conception of art. Picking up on the mundane and ordinary as fuel for her production of affects, it gestures toward a larger sociopolitical context.


Leontine Coelewij, Dr. Raphael Gygax, Lily van der Stokker

English, German

ISBN: 978-94-928-1135-6

Softcover, 24 x 30.5 cm

224 pages

Design: Roger Willems

Published by Roma Publications, 2018

In cooperation with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam