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Vernissage Drop-In Workshop for big and small

Specials September 23, 2022 06:00 pm – 08:00 pm

For the opening of the exhibition Renée Green - Inevitable Distances, there will be a drop-in workshop for big and small. Renée Green (born 1959) investigates, among other things, how personal memory relates to historiography or how we perceive objects or events differently depending on our own biography. She takes as her starting point the Black Diaspora - that is, Black people who do not live in the regions of origin of their ancestors - from the past to the present.

We are inspired by the textile work Space Poem #2 (Laura's Words) and record our own memories on colourful fabrics in words and images, then we underlay the works with music and let the overall impression have an effect on us as a spatial installation with hanging banners.

- Date: 23 September 2022
- Time: 6-8 pm
- Course leaders: Cynthia Gavranic and Len Mettler, art educators
- Costs: free of charge
- Maximum participants: 20
- Location: Art education studio in the basement

Registration is not necessary
Children must be accompanied by an adult
Ideal age of children: 3 to 12 years (younger and older children are also welcome)

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