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SELF-empowerment WORKSHOP – Close Watch: Racial Profiling

Specials September 9, 2023 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm

The goal of the workshop in the context of the current exhibition Pilvi Takala - Close Watch is the collaborative development of strategies for protection against abuse of power in public space, dealing with surveillance and police violence as well as the expansion of discrimination- and anti racism and action against racial profiling. The workshop will be led by Yuvviki Dioh (Diversity Agent Schauspielhaus Zürich) and will be accompanied by input from Mo Wa Baile (Alliance against Racial Profiling Switzerland). It is aimed at a broad public and serves ostensibly to raise awareness and self-empowerment of affected and indirectly/non-affected persons.

Possible questions:

  • How can we as individuals or groups intervene in a legally secured way when abuse of power takes place in public space, e.g. through police violence and racial profiling?

  • What can be done against these control mechanisms socially, politically and structurally?

  • What about bystander behavior, civil courage and solidarity with victims of police violence and racial profiling in society?

The workshop will take place in the exhibition at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst. Materials, drinks and snacks will be provided.

Dr. phil. Yuvviki Dioh, born in Zurich in 1991, has been working as a diversity agent at Schauspielhaus Zurich since February 2022. Prior to that, she was a PhD candidate in (political) communication studies at the Institute for Communication Studies and Media Research at the University of Zurich (IKMZ). Yuvviki works on anti-racist, queer-feminist as well as power- and socio-critical topics - also in activist-collective and public contexts. She has also held various roles and functions (acting, creative consultant, production management, association management) in the independent theater scene in the city of Zurich. Today, Yuvviki uses the academic and activist knowledge she has accumulated over the years to help shape the diversity-oriented organizational development of Schauspielhaus Zürich in a sustainable way.

Mohamed Wa Baile (co-founder of Alliance Against Racial Profiling) studied Islamic Studies and Peace Studies. He is a librarian at the University of Bern and author of the children's books «Wie die Frauen zu ihren Rechten kamen» and «Wenn ich anders bin als du, bist du anders als ich» as well as the plays «Mohrenkopf im Weißenhof» and «Wer hat Angst vorm weißen Mann?».

Date: Saturday, September 9
Time: 2 – 4.30 pm
Language: German
Workshop leader: Yuvviki Dioh, Mo Wa Baile
Participants: Max. 15

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