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Opening-Concert: Les Reines Prochaines

Concerts January 27, 2023 09:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Time: 9 – 9.45 pm
Location: schwarzescafé
With: Fränzi Madörin, Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick

Free admission, no registration required

The fact that the Reines Prochaines shunned every fashion for 33 years ultimately made them outlast every fashion. They are gifted entertainers who always challenge their audience. With their consistent dilettantism, with their use of the body, with the jumbling of genres and formats, and of course with the merciless seriousness and wit with which they approach every subject.

The audience is lured down into philosophical shallows with mischievousness. Because they are always philosophical, the coming queens, no matter how much clamor they operate with on the surface. And last but not least, they are also a political band. Her anarchism and her queer and feminsite gaze reflect how hard the yoke of social and economic constraints presses.

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