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Generations in the Museum «GiM»

“GiM” Intergenerational encounters—seeing eye to eye on art

Since 2013, the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst has experimented with ways to help people bridge generational divides. Events held in our exhibition gallery bring people from different age groups together for personal encounters that build a shared sense of community and stimulate mutual curiosity, tolerance, and a lively exchange of ideas. We work with a very broad definition of “generation” that explicitly includes non-family social structures.

For these events, the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst partners with the project “GiM—Generationen im Museum” of the Generationenakademie.

“GiM” workshops

During these events, we see the exhibitions together, discuss the art, allow ourselves to be mystified, and find inspiration in the works for our own creative endeavors—we draw, perform, cook, paint, write, etc. A steady group has existed since 2014, with members from the Tavolata Kulturaktivität 60+ project in Eglisau and Tavolata Rossa in Zurich. Anyone interested in joining us is welcome regardless of age—the group is open to all comers.