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Programs for people with impairments—Contemporary art inclusive

We offer individually designed tours, workshops, and creative activities for people with impairments and their caregivers. Our programs help you experience contemporary art with all your senses; the creative segments encourage you to explore the potentials of the materials that went into making the works on display, with an emphasis on the shared process of discovery.
The museum supports innovative inclusive formats. Please contact us!

  • Dates: by arrangement
  • Free of charge
  • To make arrangements please contact us at
  • Accessibility: The museum is universally accessible.

Example: Audio guide—An innovative way to produce inclusive formats

In cooperation with the HfH University of Applied Sciences in Special Needs Education, a pilot project implemented by Maude Ochsner produced an audio guide for blind and visually impaired visitors to Teresa Burga’s exhibition in 2018. What made the audio guide special was that it was intended for visitors without visual impairments as well, providing them with information on the works of art and much food for thought.

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