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Toys Redux. An Anthology on Play as Critical Action

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The group exhibition Toys Redux – On Play and Critique brought together artists who make creative use of formats and imagery from popular culture usually addressed to children or teenagers. Such adoptions and manipulations of motifs from video games, television shows, movies, and cartoons should not be seen as mere pop-cultural quotations: they simultaneously comment on the capitalist production of these consumer worlds. Their pop aesthetic and the promise of an "innocent" and playful universe of childlike fantasy contrast with the underlying reality of neoliberal advertising and marketing strategies.

Cory Arcangel – Alex Bag & Patterson Beckwith – Judith Bernstein – Vittorio Brodmann – Marvin Gaye Chetwynd – Simon Denny – Harun Farocki – Jan Peter Hammer – Nic Hess – Danny McDonald – Dawn Mellor – Claus Richter – Tabor Robak – Timur Si-Qin – Michael Smith – Lily van der Stokker – Julia Wachtel – Hannah Weinberger

Edited by
Raphael Gygax
Heike Munder
Judith Welter

Esther Buss
Alexander R. Galloway
Raphael Gygax
Hans Ulrich Reck
Judith Welter

English / German
ISBN: 978-3-03764-424-9

June 2015
Hardcover, 175 x 235 mm
264 pages
Images: 37 color/ 15 b/w
Design: Studio Marie Lusa

Published by JRP|Ringier