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Spartacus Chetwynd

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The British artist Spartacus Chetwynd (*1973, lives and works in London) is known for her baroque and surreal performances which, with great humor, bring together multiple image quotations from art history and pop culture. In the tradition of the grotesque she draws on elements from Giotto frescoes, characters from works by Hieronymus Bosch, or Yves Klein´s "Anthropometries" (1960) together with heavy metal musicians, Michael Jackson´s music video "Thriller," or the 1980s television series "The Hulk," and creates a unified whole. As well as performances, Chetwynd, who graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in painting, produced a series small canvases under the title "Bat Opera" (2004–2005), which also present quotations from pop culture, but in addition feature more romantic borrowings.

Edited by
Raphael Gygax
Heike Munder

Raphael Gygax

ISBN: 978-3-905770-82-7

August 2007
Softcover, 195 x 275 mm
296 pages
Images 150 color / 146 b/w

Published by JRP|Ringier in a limited edition of a 1000 copies.