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Laura Lima

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The artistic practice of Laura Lima (b. 1971) is characterized by her fascination with the complexity of social relations and modes of human behavior. Her scenarios, in which the human body is often the central medium and driving force, combine performative elements with various forms of artistic expression such as drawing, sculpture, and installation. Lima never appears in her pieces herself, instead delegating her dramaturgic specifications to selected protagonists. The Brazilian artist’s first solo exhibition in Switzerland presents the works Bar Restaurant (2010/13) and The Naked Magician (2008/10/13), selected performative installations with a focus on the magical.The accompanying extensive publication includes essays and a talk with the artist that highlight various aspects in Lima's oeuvre.
Produced in collaboration with Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm.

Edited by
Heike Munder
Sara Arrhenius

Sara Arrhenius
Victoria Noorthoorn
Heike Munder
Jochen Volz

ISBN: 978-3-03764-344-0
January 2014
Softcover, 170 x 235 mm
192 pages
Images 224 color

Published by JRP|Ringier