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Florian Germann

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In his wide-ranging cycles of works, each of which is devoted to a unifying thematic narrative, the Swiss artist Florian Germann (b. 1978; lives and works in Zurich) creates complex systems of reference, playing with the role of the artist-researcher as he approaches fields as diverse as culture, science, and nature. Most of his works look like hybrids between physical instruments and modernist sculptures, suggesting experimental arrangements whose overarching meaning emerges only gradually. Germann’s works often set out from historic figures and mythological and fantastic motifs he subjects to a revisionary rewriting, interweaving factual and fictional aspects. For his first solo exhibition at an institution, Germann has created an extensive new cycle of works; publicly displayed for the first time at the migros museum für gegenwartskunst, it is based on his study of “apparitions” and their physical substance, the so-called ectoplasm. The monograph on Florian Germann’s work, published by JRP|Ringier, features essays by Alexandra Blättler and Raphael Gygax as well as a conversation with the artist.

Edited by
Raphael Gygax
Heike Munder

Alexandra Blättler
Raphael Gygax

English / German
ISBN: 978-3-03764-270-2

January 2012
Hardcover, 175 x 235 mm
148 pages
Images: 51 color/ 30 b/w

Published by JRP|Ringier