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International Video Symposium: Taking Measures – Usages of Formats in Film and Video Art

Now online:

With contributions by Fabrice Aragno, Kris Dittel, Burcu Dogramaci, Monika Dommann, Carla Gabriela Engler, Omer Fast, Philipp Fleischmann, Ursula Frohne, Dani Gal, Alexandra Gelis, David Joselit, Thomas Julier, Fabienne Liptay, Jacqueline Maurer, Alexandra Navratil, Warren Neidich, Volker Pantenburg, Hannes Rickli, Benoît Turquety, Marijke van Warmerdam, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Laura Walde, Haidee Wasson, and Eyal Weizma.

The international video symposium fosters a dialogue between art and research. Filmmakers, artists, researchers, and scholars enter into creative and experimental conversation with each other about the usages and understandings of formats in film and video art. Artistic media are subject to various practices of measurement, power, and resistance. The title of the symposium – "Taking Measures" – can be understood in two ways. On the one hand, it is a reference to the practices of measurement related to the formats of artworks. On the other, formats themselves become effective in a social and political sense, as they determine the conditions under which film and video come to be publicly accessible and valued.

In cooperation with the University of Zurich as part of the research project “Exhibiting Film: Challenges of Format”.