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Dorothy Iannone
Censorship And The Irrepressible Drive Toward Love And Divinity

August 30 to November 9, 2014

Since the early 1960s, Dorothy Iannone (b. 1933 in Boston, lives and works in Berlin) has been actively exploring ways of representing unconditional love. Her oeuvre encompasses paintings, drawings, collages, video sculptures, audio pieces, objects, and artist’s books. A narrative element grounded in literature, history and mythology, as well as in personal experiences, feelings and relationships, runs through these works. This, her first major solo exhibition in Switzerland, retrospectively sheds light on Dorothy Iannone’s work, starting with her artist’s book The Story Of Bern, which she created in 1969 in response to the censorship of her artworks. Since the 1960s, the authenticity and originality of the artist’s work has contributed to openness about sexuality and the strengthening of female autonomy. When bringing her works to the public, she manifests keen understanding in handling subject matter that remains often uncomfortable and controversial, even today.

Dokumentation: Dorothy Iannone, Censorship And The Irrepressible Drive Toward Love And Divinity, 2014 (Vernissage TV)

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