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Interventions on frequency: GodXchange – a performance by chaos clay

June 9, 2023 08:00 pm – 09:00 pm

chaos clay will present GodXchange, a sonic work they developed throughout their residency at La Becque in 2021 on myths and depth in club spaces. Situated in club culture but also very much dragging in it into the abyss of Carribean Drexcyan Queerdom, GodXchange, with a renewed apetite for Chaos, is a hybrid set, mixing samples, custom song edits and original productions. An afro-futuristic performance in the sense that time and space are altered using sound technology and the references summoned.

chaos clay
(they/them) are an afrofuturist DJ, producer, and party curator based in Geneva. In their practice, they merge the cultural productions of racialized queer people, theoretical and popular knowledge to channel an emancipatory discourse. They founded the Archipeöagogo Club events, promoting the richness, complexity and political legacy of club culture. Through music, they manipulate space and time, inviting fluid and mutating bodies on the dance floor. Their work has been presented among others in Fort-de-France, Johannesburg, Paris, Berlin, Venise and throughout Switzerland, in a multiplicity of contexts.

The performance takes place in the context of Zurich Art Weekend 2023 and is part of Interventions on frequency – a performance series with chaos clay, Sicc Puppy, Lou Drago, Alexandra Shehrazade Salem, Göksu Kunak and other artists.

The series is co-curated by Antoine Simeão Schalk & Danniel Tostes in partnership with Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst.

  • This event is free of charge
  • No registration required
  • Limited seats

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