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Online Workshop: I feel you – Communicate with Memes

May 14, 2023 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm

How do you express yourself when you had a sleepless night because your own thoughts haunted? How do you communicate when you're stressed at school, college or work? And how do you express your humor? - With memes.

Whether funny, sad, ironic, socially critical or provocative. We communicate our feelings and thoughts in the form of images. In some cases, entire conversations proceed exclusively with memes. This phenomenon of visually disseminating, sharing and presonalizing cultural information and identity on the web is ubiquitous and affects our daily lives. Inspired by the exhibition «Acts of Friendship», we will express our relationship with our friends in memes. After an introduction to the history of meme culture since the 2010s and an overview of the forms, changes and mechanisms of memes, participants will create memes on their own using their computers or cell phones. Afterwards, we discuss the presentation and intention of our own creations in a joint discourse. The workshop will take place online on the platform.

Place: Online
Time: 2 – 4 pm
With: Sabina Zweil (Volunteer Digital Mediation)
Language: German / English
Cost: Free of charge

Important note:
Participation in the workshop includes the use of a camera and a microphone. For proper use, it is recommended to use the Firefox browser.


Gather town is a platform on the web that enables meetings in virtual space. Thanks to video camera and microphone, group work and discussions with several people can take place. With a personalized avatar, one views and moves in a two-dimensional space from a bird's eye view. In private rooms, individual conversations can be held, while in public places, all participants talk together.