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Exhibition riddles for art detectives!

Art detectives!—Exhibition mysteries for smart minds

The new exhibition riddles “Kunstdetektive!” are available from October 7th

Are you between 8 and 12 years old*? Do you like puzzles? Great! "Art Detectives!" is a puzzle booklet that we concoct anew for each exhibition. Here you can use imagination and detective talent, because you will determine mysterious material samples, draw or invent short (crime) stories.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to touch any works of art, because otherwise they can get broken. Nevertheless, you will discover a lot! So besides having a lot of fun, it's also about learning about art and artists, about observing and reflecting.

For your investigations we will provide you with a backpack with art detective equipment at the cash desk against deposit of name and phone number (will be deleted again). Please return the backpack complete with all materials so that the next sleuth can look forward to it. Your puzzle book will stay with you, of course.
When you have handed in your backpack at the end, you can pick up the solutions and a certificate at the cash desk. Master Detective!!!

  • Free of charge
  • Our 12 backpacks with equipment can not be reserved
  • Ages 8–12 (*also for younger children accompanied by someone who will read the assignments to them)
  • In German