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Wu Tsang
Not in my language

22. November 2014 bis 8. Februar 2015

Wu Tsang (b. 1982) is an artist, performer, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles (USA). His multimedia-oriented oeuvre focuses on narratives that construct identity and the self in relation to others. In particular, Tsang is interested in the socio-political dimensions of communities and is also significantly inspired by his involvement with queer, trans, and immigrant communities in Los Angeles. Evoking “the underground” as a site of cultural resistance, Tsang considers how fantasy can play an important role in representing social movements. For instance, his award-winning 2012 film Wildness documents a legendary party venue in Los Angeles, which has been a popular meeting point for the Latin American transgender community for decades. Through magical realism and personal narrative, the film invites discussion of documentary strategies and societal circumstances. Wu Tsang's first institutional solo exhibition in Europe brings together works from the years 2008 to 2014.

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